Our business activity is food processing. Our high professional knowledge, modern production facilities and production line enable us to quickly and efficiently pack various kinds of fish and squid, fillet and bread fish, clean, glaze and fill squid, clean fresh fish and pack them, cut fish into chops and bread cheese.

Despite a modern production line we still do a lot of work and control manually, and in this way minimize potential errors by food processing.

The quality of the purchased goods is of high importance to us, so we always choose our suppliers carefully in order to offer our customers the best product possible. All the facts listed above make us adjustable to our clients’ demands and we are always open to new ideas.

We also invite general public to purchase marine and freshwater fish, squid and seafood. Also available are different spices, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, French fries and all ingredients you need for pizza: peeled tomatoes, ham, cheese and mushrooms. Butchers can purchase animal and artificial bowel and also seasoning for cured meat products.

The quality of our products will exceed your expectations and will satisfy even the most demanding customer. So, once you try our products you will keep coming back for more!